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Did you ever wish that someone could objectively guide you to discover exactly what career paths you are good at? Well, someone can. Finding your natural element requires knowing your talents, and this powerful combination maximizes your ability to stand out and adapt in today's hyper-competitive and entrepreneurial job market.

What's the value of discovering your natural talents?

Today, doing what you're best at is less a luxury and more of a necessity. It's tougher than ever to launch a career or land a new job if you haven't found your talent sweet spot. It's also clear that college credentials carry less of an advantage. Lots of highly educated professionals have degrees that don't suit them. In response, the best and coolest companies have adapted their hiring tools. They're looking beyond college brands, résumés and experience to see the real you. To find the right people they are now using natural ability tests and Big Data to screen for those with specific innate talents or a natural "knack" for the job. To even get your foot in the door, you have to be authentic and walk the talk. Average is over.

Going into your "zone" to do great work flows naturally when you combine your strengths with clear direction and geniune commitment. The game is changing—if you're a natural and care about what you do, you'll be in demand for premium career paths in your field of choice.

How We Can Help — Our Careerfinder Program will lead you to discover your natural talents and strengths—so you can confidently steer your career in the right direction. This professional program combines state-of-the-art career aptitude testing tools with expert career coaching advice to create your natural talent profile—a customized career path to your future.

Figuring out what you're innately best at or "meant to do" no longer has to be a drawn-out trial-and-error endeavor. The Careerfinder Program will hone your internal compass so you can accurately navigate your important career decisions with certainty.

What You'll Get — Beyond discovering your natural abilities and career direction, our customized, expert advice gives you highly precise sense of where you fit in. In the human kingdom, there are many different ways to be "smart." Just like in the dog world, the happiest retrievers aren't trying to make a living as herders or pointers. Lots of us think of ourselves as really smart, but what kind of smart specifically?

The Careerfinder Program begins with a professional battery of unique, scientifically developed career aptitude assessments to measure a comprehensive profile of your natural abilities, inborn talents and personality traits. Once your results are in hand you will meet with Anthony Spadafore for a 1.5 hour consultation to discuss your talent profile.

Our combination of aptitude testing and career coaching is rated among the best by other career coaching professionals and is considered to be one of the most sophisticated and nuanced career path decision programs available worldwide.

How is Pathfinders Different? — Our professional career aptitude testing program is profoundly different and much more advanced than the "career quizzes" you get in school or free online (most are really interest surveys that tell you stuff you already know about yourself).

Our program measures the gifts and aptitudes that Mother Nature gave you at birth, the stuff you "don't know that you don't know." For example, our aptitude testing battery includes a spatial ability test. As the New York Times recently reported, studies have found that spatial ability is going largely unrecognized, yet is a key talent that can accurately predict excellence in the hard sciences (even more predictive than math aptitudes); people don't know whether they have it or not. Highly educated professionals, many from top colleges, say they had no idea that they have a whole set of "hidden" abilities, because distinct innate talents are rarely distinguished by the educational system.

Unlike learned skills and interests that you can add to your repertoire, your natural talents and traits are your cognitive endowment that will remain with you—as your core strengths—for a lifetime. When it comes to acheiving creative excellence, and happily sustaining it over the long run, the trick is to nurture your nature—that is, push your strengths and continually practice what already comes naturally.

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Client Reviews » Many people who have struggled in careers that they were not cut out for or who have piled up degree after degree hoping to discover their best career fit find this meeting a life-changing event. Read rave reviews and letters from Pathfinders' happy clients.

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